Clarsentia | Sentiment & Emotion Analytics

Cognitive Market Insights with Sentiment Analytics

Billions of conversations are happening online every day. Clarsentia monitors 6600 news sources, 13 social media sites and 300 blogging platforms across the globe to give you meaningful, measurable metrics on public perception about your company, brand or entire market segment.

Unlike other social media monitoring tools, we use machine learning and predictive analytics to not only track how your customers perceive your brand in the market today, we predict how they will in the future.

* Realtime data shown above collected using Clarsentia industry classifiers and analyzers

Understand your Audience Better with Emotional Analytics

Watch how your customers respond emotionally to your company or brand in real-time

Discover and react

State-of-art language analysis uncovers hidden emotional reactions in unstructured text
Monitor trends in the emotional response for your brand, industry or company in real-time
Pre-scored emotional and historical sentiment data available from millions of analyzed pages
8-point scale with over 32 ranges in emotion help you identify gaps in audience perception instantly
Analyze your documents in up to 45 different languages and export the data with Clarity API for easy integration

Business Intelligence Dashboards Designed for Simplicity

Gain valuable insights about your industry or brand at a glance

Best-in-class content analysis

Machine learning and predictive analysis algorithms give you the insights you need about your industry, when you need them
Real-time and historical data available from Clarsentia data warehouse gives you everything you need, right out of the gate
No need for complicated queries to gain insights, Clarsentia's industry classifiers does the hard work for you
Filter data by region, company, or sentiment score to find out what's meaningful to your audience in real-time
Monitor trends in emotional reactions world-wide and change your marketing strategy on the fly

Search the Web for Real-time Industry Sentiment for Free

Get industry search results available from millions of analyzed pages world wide instantly

Next generation search technology

Search through Clarsentia's data warehouse and discover millions of pre-classified pages organized by sentiment or emotion score
Understand the gist of a web content from the topic category and author sentiment score without reading a single page
Get to know trends in the marketplace by monitoring real-time categorized industry results
Analyze world-wide web content from over 6600 news, blogs and social media websites
Track changes in the market perception about your brand or industry in real-time