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Search the Web for Real-Time Public Sentiment

With Clarsentia Search, you can lookup global sentiment about unclassified people, places, companies or just about anything

Billions of pre-scored articles at your fingertips

Up to the minute search-based analytics

Social sentiment metrics from across the globe

Understand public perception instantly

Dive deep into Clarsentia's data warehouse and discover millions of pre-classified pages organized by sentiment or emotion score. Understand the gist of web content from the topic category and author sentiment score without reading a single page. Get to know trends in the marketplace by monitoring real-time categorized industry results and analyze world-wide web content from over 6500 news, blogs and social media websites.

Patented natural language search technology means Clarsentia not only understands what you’re searching for, but can give you new insights about your search.

Intelligent Search Results

Billions of opinions are posted publicly across the social web every day. Our search tool uses machine learning to classify data in an intelligent way

With so much information posted online everyday and news going viral in the course of days or even hours, keeping up-to-date with all the market shifts which affect your business can be difficult. At Clarsentia, we've solved this problem by training machines to do the hard work for you.

Search for companies, people or sectors which impact your business and get only the most recent information on your search term. Our technology uses a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP), concept mapping and classification to compile all the data and only give you the relavent sentiment metrics. So you know exactly what public perception is about your search in real-time.

Understand what the global public sentiment is about your searched entity using Clarsentia Search without reading a single word. Saving you valuable research time.

Concept Mapping for Intuitive Search

Concept maps not only gives you search results generated from your keywords, but shows you how your search connects with other people, places and markets

Like pieces of a puzzle fitting together, our concept mapping relies on a huge data warehouse of information to bring cognitive computing to our search technology.

With our search capabilities, you can look up the global sentiment around your brand, partners, vendors or just about anything.

Unlike competing search technology, our search service relies on a combination of big data, machine learning and concept mapping to help you understand the underlying perceptions globally about your topic without reading a single word.