Sentiment and Emotion Analytics Software | Clarsentia

Flexible Analytics Dashboards

Predictive data dashboards available for both sentiment and emotional response forecasts to supercharge your business strategy

Built with state-of-the-art predictive algorithms

Accurate and timely data at your fingertips

Export and display data in multiple formats

Layered annotation and graph editing capable

Machine learning and predictive algorithms give you the insights you need about your industry, when you need them. Real-time and historical data available from Clarsentia data warehouse gives you everything you need, right out of the gate. No need for complicated queries to gain insights, Clarsentia's industry classifiers do the hard work for you. Find out what's meaningful to your audience in real-time.

Meaningful Visualizations for Powerful Insights

Get only the information you need about your customers when you need it

We understand that having the right visualization for your data is important in understanding the underlying insights. That's why we've built the Clarsentia Data Analytics platform with simplicity in mind.

This makes it easy for you to quickly understand how your business and your competitors business is positioned in the global marketplace, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and marketing campaigns and make adjustments in step with your customers.

We use the best charting and visualization tools available to make understanding your customers sentiment and emotional reactions simple.

Predictive Sentiment Analytics: Your Crystal Ball

Industry leading predictive sentiment analytics engine shows you where public perception for markets, companies and sectors are going before it happens

Closely monitor trends in the market and adjust your business strategy with predictive sentiment and emotion forecasts days, weeks, months and even years in the future

Take control of your market strategy and stay in-tune with your customers by understanding where perception is trending about your brand or your competitors brand

Imagine what you could do with your business strategy if you knew where pubic opinion about your company would be in the future reliably. Now you can with Clarsentia Predictive Analytics.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers Across Multiple Markets

We've classified millions of articles into sectors, industries and companies to give you insights into the markets that matter to your business

Commercial Services

Distribution Services

Health Services

Producer Manufacturing


Electronic Technology

Health Technology

Retail Trade

Consumer Durables

Energy Minerals

Industrial Services

Technology Services

Consumer Non-Durables


Non-Energy Minerals


Consumer Services


Process Industries


Customizable Dashboards Designed for Simplicity

Monitor multiple companies, industries or sectors of your choosing from a single dashboard and compare market perception of competitors seamlessly

Annotate or edit graphs right from the dashboard or export for simplified reporting integration with your existing applications

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure our product delivers the best possible user experience for our customers. Our application supports over 50 different devices and is fully compatible with all modern browsers.

Edit graphs and scale the data to suit your reporting and integration needs.

Analytics for a Social World

Over 6600 news sources, 13 social media and 300 blog platforms monitored across the globe

All the information about your sector, industry, company or brand is published out there in the cloud. Without reading thousands of news posts and articles each day, how do you gauge the success of your latest news release and investor conference or track industry trends reliably?

Clarsentia is the key to unlocking the potential of the social web; analyzing discussions and posts on social media 24 hours a day, and reporting on the summary of all those conversations for you in an easy to understand metric. No more need to keep up with the noise.

With social media now a dominate force for public opinion on the Internet, more companies are turning to sentiment analytics to give them a competitive edge.

Enhance Market Research with Emotion Analytics

Take your marketing, public relations or communication strategy to the next level with intuitive emotion visualizations

Get previously uncharted insights with historic and predictive emotion data about your customers

8-point scale with over 32 ranges in emotion help you identify gaps in audience perception instantly. Analyze your documents in up to 45 different languages and export the data with Clarity API for easy integration with your existing applications and infrastructure.

Emotional metrics measure not only the good and bad sentiments about your company or market segment, but all the gray areas in between.