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Easy to Implement Cloud API Service

Use Clarsentia's cloud based API service to analyze your content and integrate with your existing applications

Build the right solution for your business

End-to-end security encryption

Scalable service to suit your needs

Measure emotion in any unstructured document

Have customer feedback, reviews or even employee surveys you need to have analyzed? Clarsentia’s sentiment API will give you all the sentiment metrics you need without publishing online. Our web based APIs offer end-to-end encryption meaning none of your data will belong to anyone but you. Keep your proprietary information private but take advantage of our machine learning and analytics capabilities for easy integration with your existing applications and infrastructure.

Use Clarsentia's state-of-the-art sentiment & emotion classifiers to uncover hidden insights in your unstructured text.

Translating Your Data Into Business Value

Clarsentia's API can work with any unstructured text document to output useful metrics

Data can be messy. Our team is here to help you translate your unstructured documents like email, reviews and surveys into meaningful insights. We've built our API service to give you all the text mining features you love with our Analytics dashboard in an intuitive programming interface.

That way you can integrate and fully automate our software with your own, and only use the parts you need, when you need them.

We use the best charting and visualization tools available to make understanding your customers sentiment and emotional reactions simple.

Launch your App with a Best-In-Class Analytics API

We work hard to bring you unparralled API reliability and security to make sure your apps are always available with the best sentiment reporting capabilities 24 hours a day

We leverage the best security technology available to ensure your data is encrypted before and after it passes through our API. We also make sure legacy API interfaces are always kept available, so you can choose whether to update the API code our new releases or not, ensuring you never experience downtime or costly redeployments.

Our API scales with your business, use as little or as much as you need to accomplish your business goals.

Your data security and integrity is our priority at Clarsentia. We develop our API interfaces to the strictest security ISO standards available.

Only Pay for the Data You Need

Our pay-per-use option lets you scale your data consumption. Use as much or as little as you need and only pay for what use use.

Many of our customers only use the Clarsentia API service intermittently to complete some intelligence reporting or deliver on a project. Our API service is setup to be available, when you need it, and you are only charged for what you use. No monthly subscription fees.

With social media now a dominate force for public opinion on the Internet, more companies are turning to sentiment analytics to give them a competitive edge.